The Solaris Clan logo, used as the overall Viali logo.
The Solaris Clan logo, used as the overall Viali logo.

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The Viali are a species of small, raptor-like, feathered creatures created by Ryuvi, who exist on a tidally-locked, icy, ammonia-based planet called Ryjira. They are a technologically advanced species, with this owed to The Enchiridion, an ancient storage device discovered on Ris, Ryjira's only moon. The Viali have a vast array of technologies, a governmental structured based on six clans, a written history that spans only 700 years, a spoken and written language far older than their history, a culture that retains many of its old tribal traditions, a unique biology and physiology, architecture style, and more.


The Viali were created out of inspiration from RyuujinZERO's Avali species, and as a tribute to them and their work. Early concepts of the species were created mid October 2018, with later concepts and world-building expanding on these initial concepts. Ryuvi wanted a species that was realistic, but not "dark", or "depressingly realistic, with more bad than good". The species' views and beliefs were largely inspired by the beliefs of Native American tribes, where unity, a collective effort, and a belief in nature were prevalent.


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The name "Viali" was decided upon in the early conception phase of the species, with many other names in competition for the species name: Viali, Ryuvi, Ryjira, Vijira, etc. Many of the other names were re-used in other parts of the species (Ryuvi being the Viali artist's personal Viali, Ryjira being the Viali home planet, and Vijiran being the name of their language).


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The Viali are small (~4ft/120cm average adult height) raptor-like bipedal creatures with colorful plumage, large eyes, quadraphonic hearing, and six biological genders. They have digitigrade legs, wings attached to their arms, a long flexible tail, a tail-skirt, long necks, a crest, and other avian-esque features.


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Culture and Society

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Traditions and Beliefs

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