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Viali Culture and Society is the central part of what governs their beliefs, views, values, rights, norms, and taboos, among other things. Their culture is structured, and most parts are intertwined with one another. Most Viali culture stems from their tribal era before the discovery of the Enchiridion and other modern advancements, but it is not without its modern influences - the Viali have very quickly adapted to modern technology in their society. However they understand they could lose sight of their old ways, thus they put effort into retaining their founding traditions.

Traditions and Beliefs

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todo - beliefs are: in oneself, in each other, in science/research and unity. traditions are: living in packs, sleeping together in a next, living in tents/one(or two)-room homes, expression of ones natural form, etc.

The Viali believe in science, the natural world, and themselves. ...


todo - each other, the Enchiridion, happiness and freedom, creativity, the exploitative spirit, etc.


todo - rights to freedom, basic ownership rights, freedom of expression, freedom of body, freedom of belief, basic privacy of the mind, etc.

Social Norms

todo - openly nude, openly sexual (at times), being very curious, etc.


todo - forced-hiding of ones body, sexual activity in government areas or where deemed inappropriate, etc.

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