Ryuvi the Viali
Ryuvi the Viali

Ryuvi (/'ɻaɪuvi/, Ryu for short) is the creator and maintainer of the Viali, their lore, headcanon, and society. They are currently still developing the species, and are attending university.


Ryuvi is an aspiring artist, as well as a programmer, and gamer. They are currently enrolled in university, studying for a bachelors degree in Professional Computer Science. As an artist, they are self-taught, having developed their style over years of drawing and practice. However they retain a lack of self-confidence when it comes to their works, which has caused them to only recently choose to upload their art publicly to FurAffinity. They find interest in all manner of things: programming, visual design, architecture, biology, chemistry, storytelling, character design, technology, history, and more. All of these factors listed are reasons why they chose to create the Viali, as it is an expression of all of these things, all at once.
Ryuvi has created multiple character species and single one-off characters, most of which are private and unreleased, however they have plans and ideas to release them at some point in the future to the public. A fear of theirs that they’ve had ever since they began drawing is the fear of an outside individual stealing their character designs, and calling it their own and not giving credit. This fear is the largest reason why these other species remain private, for now.

The Viali

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Ryuvi first began making concepts for the Viali on October 14th, 2018. One of the primary things that lead to the creation of the species was being inspired by the Avali, a similar species by RyuujinZERO. They worked on basic concepts almost every day for the rest of 2018, immersing themselves in this new culture, and working out the details in how it all should fit together. Most of these early concepts are well documented in concept art for the species.
Ryuvi created the Viali first and foremost as a tribute to Ryuujin’s Avali, and Ryuujin himself, out of respect and appreciation for the species, its success, and its style. They also created the Viali because for years prior, Ryuvi has said:

I’ve always wanted to make my own species. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of being able to make something as complex as a species and it’s culture, being able to immerse yourself in it once all is said and done. It’s something I’ve tried to do at least three times before, but the Viali - as a species - is my largest project in this field to date, by far.

The Viali don’t exist on any timeframe, Ryuvi has no deadlines set for anything in regards to them, and they have plans “to keep building the Viali for a long time to come. Culture never stops, and I have no plans in stopping work on theirs.”

As of today, it has been 1 year, 8 months and 24 days since the initial Viali conception.

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