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Due to their inherent flying capability, Viali architecture and design is tall, spire-like, and contains a mix of angular and curved designs. Most buildings fall under two categories: towers and tents. Towers are your typical city building, grand in scale with many landing pads located at many levels on the building. Tents are small, usually one-room cloth structures that are usually found outside city settlements. ...

Towers and Buildings

todo - description of Viali architecture, and diagrams of basic building designs.


todo - description of Viali tents, tent communities, and single-pack homes. Provide diagrams of basic tent design and layout.

Building Types

Viali buildings come in a vast degree of designs, but all buildings share some common themes and design schemes. ...


todo - residential building designs


todo - government/clan buildings

Production and Technology

todo - industrial/assembly buildings, and research buildings


todo - Enchiridion Research Chamber, and other specialized buildings, etc.

See Also

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