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Viali Ethics are based around their culture and society, and are similar to human ethics and good versus bad. The Viali are a friendly species, so they take care to help others, and do less harm to each other, and their species as a whole, among other things. A major point in their ethical beliefs is a near lack of morality, in terms of sexual morality and the likes. One thing that the Viali do not tolerate is murder, or the intent to harm others not through self defense. ...

Culture Values

Further reading: Cultural Values

todo - unity, helping others, research, happiness


Further reading: Cultural Taboos

todo - murder, forced/harmful information extraction, etc.

Sexual Ethics

todo - no nudity taboo, publix sex is okay outside of government locations and areas with foreign individuals, etc.

Criminal Ethics

todo - examples of what is considered criminal activity, methods of dealing with said activities, etc.

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