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Ris is the only natural satellite for Ryjira, the Viali’s home planet. It serves as the center for space affairs in and around Ryjira, and is home for a small number of permanent residents located in settlements dotted across the moon.


Ris has been an important symbol for the Viali for as long as they have been recording events. •••


Ris consists of a similar geological composition to Ryjira, albeit with a far less dense atmosphere, and a third the gravity of Ryjira’s. The moon is also a degree paler than Ryjira, taking on a more grey, neutral tone due to its lack of atmosphere, and subtly different surface composition.

Spaceflight Centers

Ris is home to a handful of refueling and ship repair stations across its surface. •••

The Risa Clan

Main Article: The Risa Clan

One half of the Solaris clan - the Risa clan - is in charge of some affairs on Ris, as well as its inhabitants and their well-being. The clan’s name is derived from the moons name itself, it’s counterpart the Sola clan, named after their star, Solyra. •••

The Enchiridion

Main Article: The Enchiridion

The Enchiridion, a large cube from a distant past containing all the knowledge of a long-gone civilization was discovered buried mostly under the Rissan regolith. •••

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