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Viali starships enable them to travel to and from Ryjira, and explore both local and distant places. There are three distinct classes of ship size, all with their own unique and prescribed functions. ...

Shuttle Class

Shuttles are the smallest crew-bearing ships. They are designed to hold one to six crew members comfortably. This class of starship is the most common, due to many packs and individuals owning their own shuttle. ...

Shuttle Layout

todo - provide diagram of internal layout of standard shuttle-class ship.

Starflier Class

Starfliers are the 'medium' sized ships, and are capable of holding a shuttle-class ship inside its hanger. These class of ships are primarily used for larger crew transport, distant exploration, and cargo transfer. ...

Freighter Class

Freighters are the largest conventional ships that the Viali construct. These ships have the capacity to carry hundreds of crew members, multiple starflier ships, and a large amount of cargo. These ships are used for mass-transport of material, and in asteroid mining. ...

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